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Please support  the businesses that have donated to this project: 

Bill Prichard, The Outpost (Provides facility and internet resource for web camera)

Dale Ulsh, Ulsh Forestation and Excavation   345-0461 (2/09)


Craig Callen, Chico Animal Hospital  530 342-0518 (4/09)

Please do not call the Outpost if the camera is not working--simply check back later.


The web cam page has two separate programs--the weather station and the web camera.  Being in the mountains, we experience challenges with the internet connection so you may not always be looking at current conditions.  In viewing the weather information--viewing date and time are displayed.  In viewing the web camera, if the camera is active you will see a tiny red box in the upper left corner of the photo box that flashes every few seconds.  If you see the red box, you are seeing a live view.  Following each lengthy power outage the system must be reset--be patient please, we are generally aware it is not functioning properly.



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